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Design Flex

World Magnetics is a leading manufacturer of ultra-sensitive pressure switches that are suitable for use in a variety of applications, ranging from sip-and-puff communication systems for the handicapped to arc fault detection aboard the Trident submarine. From the depths of the ocean to the vacuum of space, World Magnetics provides a long-life, dependable solution to your pressure switch application

Our switches are miniature in size, lightweight and low in cost relative to competitive pressure sensors that are used to accomplish the same purpose. At rated load, you can expect a fast, repeatable response for millions of cycles!

In total support of your custom requirements, we have modern, in-house manufacturing facilities that include: die-casting, stamping, injection and compression molding, machining and assembly. We manufacture our own tooling, dies, molds and fixtures, so turn-around on your custom design is fast!

Much of our success is the result of our total commitment to our customers. We maintain the highest standards of service excellence and we constantly strive to find new and better ways to lower your cost, improve your productivity and shorten your lead time. For personal application assistance, please call World Magnetics.