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Industrial Dew-Point Transmitter


Simple to install and maintain, the SF82 transmitter series measures dew point and moisture content and is available with a range of industry standard process connections and electrical connectors. The SF82 features analog and digital outputs providing compatibility with any electronic controller. All models are available with our service exchange program which minimizes process downtime reducing maintenance costs.


  • Dew point or ppmV moisture content output
  • Accuracy ±2 °C (±3.6 °F) dew point
  • Modbus RTU over RS485 digital communication
  • 4…20 mA 2 wire
  • Traceable 9 point calibration certificate
  • Ultra-fast response to moisture change
  • Low cost of ownership and easy maintenance with sensor exchange program
  • 316 stainless steel sensor and sample blocks
  • 5/8” UNF, 3/4” UNF, G 1/2” process connections
  • KF40 Glove Box flange
  • MiniDIN 43650 C, M12 electrical connectors