PSC Portable Laser Sight Thermometer

Infrared thermometer with crosshair laser sighting – the alternative to thermal imagers

The infrared PSC PLST supports the professional noncontact temperature measurement of objects as small as 1 mm in a temperature range between -35°C and +900°C. This thermometer can be used in characteristic applications like preventive maintenance, quality management, research and development and electronic design. The precision of the crosshair laser sighting indicates the spot size at any distance with absolute exactness. The highquality optical performance is a distinguishing feature of the PLST.


  • The new performance standard of infrared thermometers: detecting spot sizes as small as 1 mm for the measurement of finest details
  • crosshair laser sighting marks real spot size at any distance
  • temperature range from -35° to +900°C
  • optical resolution 75:1
  • thermocouple input
  • USB interface and graphic software with oscilloscope function for 20 data per second
  • flip display switches into most convenient viewing position