LBB series


LBB Ultra-Precision Gage Heads


The Linear Ball Bearing (LBB) Ultra-Precision gage heads are dimensional gaging probes engineered for highly precise and repeatable measurements in quality control and metrology applications. The linear ball bearing system within the gaging probe reduces radial play to a minute level and minimizes friction for ultra-precise measurement.


  • 0.000004″ (0.10μm) repeatability
  • Housing diameter options: Smooth 0.315” [8mm] & 3/8” [9.5mm], or threaded 3/8”-40 UNS-2A
  • Four electrical connector options (cable end)
  • Optional contact tips (4-48 UNF-2A threads only)
  • Adapter provided for radial cable exit (Selected models)
  • Compatible with all our signal conditioners
  • Calibration report supplied with each unit