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SF6 Gas Quality Analyzer With Gas Return System


JE 1100-SF6 is an advanced analyzer for the measurement of Dew Point, SF6 Gas purity And SO2 in SF6 gas insulated switchgear (GIS) and outdoor SF6 gas circuit breakers. The analyzer has in-built storage bag for collecting sample gas during measurement. The measured gas can be pumped back into the gas compartment by means of a built-in compressor. JE 1100-SF6 is based on environment safe zero emission principal.


  • High Accuracy and Repeatability in Dew Point Measurement
  • Battery Operated and Measurement Data Recording Facility
  • Transportable, Robust and Light Weight
  • Easy Maintenance and Cost Effective Calibration
  • High Efficient for Indian Climate Conditions
  • Measurement of Dew Point Of N2 & Dry Air
  • Compatible For EMI/EMCT