D2M Multi-Function Digital DP Transmitter

Applications and Features

  • Apply high accuracy MEMS sensor and digital technologies, can measure positive, negative or differential pressure. It can completely replace the traditional pointer mechanical gauge
  • As a “three-in-one” product, it combines the gauge, two relays, and transmitter in one unit, can supply measurement, digital display, on/off control and transmitter output simultaneously
  • It can measure system pressure of fan, blower, filter, furnace draft and orifice plate and can apply to various clean room, biological safety cabinet, clean bench, ducts collection, medical or pharmaceutical machine, etc
  • Suitable for surface, panel or flush mount
  • Multiple ranges, outputs, alarm, engineering units selectable
  • No movable parts, no effect on vibration. Super slim design
    (only 33mm thick for flush mount)
  • The accuracy is up to ±1% FS and the range can be 25Pa
  • Optional 2 relay outputs and related two LEDs for indicating
    alarm status
  • Function keys: zero calibrate, units select, relay set, etc.