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Air Flow Compensated & Amplified High Level Analog Output


Advanced Sensors AWM 7 series of Mass Air Flow Sensors offer pin compatible upgrade solutions to the popular AWM7000 series. Using the robust Advanced Sensors Thermal Flow Sensor Die, and incorporating the latest microcontroller technology, AWM7 offers drastically improved interchangeability (< 2% full scale), temperature stability (< 3% full scale from 0°C to +50°C), and resistance to adverse environmental factors such as dust particles and water vapor that have plagued the AWM7000.


  • Resistance to dust, water vapor and shock
  • Sensitivity to low flows
  • Fast response time (1ms typ.)
  • Digitally improved sensor interchangeability (2%F.S. Max.)
  • Amplified analog output 1 – 5Vresistance
  • Replaces AWM3000 series