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ATA-2001 – Analog LVDT/RVDT Signal Conditioner with digital calibration


The ATA-2001 is a general purpose, AC line-powered, LVDT/RVDT analog conditioner with digital setup and calibration. The embedded microprocessor generates a PWM-shaped sine wave and handles all calibration functions. It also controls the demodulation, filtration and synchronization of the LVDT or RVDT transducer signal. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory for restoration on power up. Zero, Gain and Phase adjustments are accomplished via the use of splash-proof front panel pushbuttons and digital voltage dividers. Intended for the most demanding industrial applications, the ATA 2001 is CE certified, and has been rigorously tested to the highest industrial standards for EMI, RFI and ESD.


  • Microprocessor controlled & non-volatile memory
  • Phase shift compensation
  • Auto fall-back synchronization
  • Rugged extruded aluminium housing