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Board Mount Pressure Sensor with Analog and I²C Output


The OEM pressure sensors in the AMS 5812 series are high-precision sensors with two different outputs, an analog output and a digital I2C output. The analog 0.5 to 4.5V output is ratiometric to the supply voltage and provides pressure measurement data only, while the I2C output provides pressure as well as temperature measurement data. Both outputs can be used simultaneously.


  • Board mount pressure sensor series with analog voltage output and digital I2C output
  • Calibrated and temperature compensated
  • Differential/relative, bidirectional differential, absolute and barometric sensor versions
  • Wide variety of pressure ranges: 0.054 psi (1.5 inch water) up to 100 psi full scale
  • Piezoresistive sensor with high precision digital signal conditioning
  • Total accuracy < 0.5 %FSO at room temperature for standard pressure ranges
  • TEB < 1.0 %FSO (-25 … 85 °C) for standard pressure ranges
  • High long term stability
  • Fast response time (typ. < 1 ms)
  • Supply voltage range: 4.75 … 5.25 V
  • Analog output: 0.5 to 4.5 V ratiometric
  • Digital output via I²C interface: 15 bit for pressure and temperature measurement
  • Programmable I²C-address
  • Ceramic DIP-8 package (width: 0.6 inch)
  • Package options for tubing or manifold mount (O-Ring sealing)
  • Substitute product for SM5852 / SM5812
  • RoHS compliant