Calibrated and temperature compensated pressure sensor


AMS 5612 is a series of unamplified, laser trimmed pressure sensors with differential, ratiometric mV output signal. They are designed for constant voltage excitation with a supply voltage up to 20 V. All AMS 5612 are calibrated and temperature compensated within a range of 0 .. 60 °C. AMS 5612 comes as a dual in-line package (DIP) for assembly on printed circuit boards (PCBs). The electrical connection is made via the DIP solder pins; pressure is connected via vertical metal tubes.


  • Calibrated and temperature compensated pressure sensor, fully analog
  • Differential, gage / relative and absolute versions
  • Standard and low pressure types (ranges from 0 .. 0.3 PSI up to 0 .. 15 PSI)
  • Unamplfied ratiometric mV-output signal
    -typ. 25 mV FSO for low pressure types
    -typ. 40 mV FSO for standard pressure types
  • Constant voltage excitation up to 20 V
  • 0 .. 60 ºC compensated temperature range
  • High performance, stable silicon chip
  • Dual in-line package (DIP)
  • REACH and RoHS compliant